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Dragon fruit harvest for the first time this year!

We were able to harvest the first dragon fruit this year in our field next to the Warayun family site! 😃

Just big! ! Biggest ever. Oh my God, there was also 673 g ~!! ️

The average amount of dragon fruit we have harvested so far is around 400g. I think it bears a bigger fruit. ❤️

My natural enemy was a crow🐦‍⬛, but I've set up a net, so I haven't received any damage so far. The reconnaissance team was circling and watching the crows, but they seem to have given up and I haven't seen them much lately.

But watch out for the red dragon fruit, you'll have to keep your guard down.

Dragon fruit can be harvested in Okinawa until early December. Well, how many can I harvest this year? !

Dragon fruit

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