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Yanbaru in northern Okinawa Prefecture is also known as the "Miracle Forest.

It is home to a large number of precious plants and animals, and was registered as a World Natural Heritage site in July 2021,

In July 2021, it was registered as a World Natural Heritage site.


Yanbaru is a treasure trove of nature,

Rare log house inn in Okinawa

Wara Yunya" was born in Yanbaru, a treasure trove of nature.


In this extraordinary space, which is limited to one couple per day

While being healed by the warmth of wood

Please spend a special moment with your loved ones while being healed by the warmth of wood.


A time filled with the energy of the earth awaits you.


With a variety of options and full facilities, this is a private rental villa where you can relax whether for one night or for a longer period of time.

Whether you stay for one night or for a longer period of time, you can spend a relaxing time at this private rental villa. 

A space wrapped in the warmth of wood
The "Warayunya" is an authentic log house inn.

Capacity: 4 people
(up to 4 additional people possible)
Bedrooms: 1
(2 double beds and 4 sets of futons)

詳細 【設備】 電子レンジ、ケトル、冷蔵庫、炊飯器、ウォーターサーバー、3口ガスコンロ、オーブン、コーヒーメーカー、食器、カトラリー、調理器具、 エアコン、扇風機、洗濯機(洗剤付)、ガス乾燥機、VOD見放題(Netflix・Prime Video)、カラオケ、JBLスピーカー、BOSE CDプレーヤー、絵本、玩具、ハンモック 【アメニティ】 今治バスタオル、今治フェイスタオル、作務衣(大人・子供)、ドライヤー、歯ブラシ、カミソリ(シェービング・アフターローション付)、ヘアゴム、ヘアブラシ、ボディタオル、シャンプー、コンディショナー、ボディソープ、赤ちゃん用ソープ、入浴剤、洗顔フォーム、化粧水、乳液、綿棒、コットン 【無料貸出】​ ベッドガード、ベビーベッド、テーブルチェア、豆いす、バスチェア、補助便座、おむつポッド 【その他】 無料朝食サービス、各種調味料、ドリンクサービス、ウェルカムドリンク、ウェルカムスナック


Yanbaru, which was registered as a World Natural Heritage site in July 2021, is a natural and relaxing place.


Although there are not many tourist facilities because it is not a place where many people come, there are many activities that cannot be experienced in the city and many ways to experience nature with all five senses! 


ATVs and ziplines are within walking distance from the inn (Warayunya),

After enjoying activities such as buggy rides, ziplining, and coffee roasting, we recommend spending a relaxing time at the log house inn.


The great nature of Yanbaru awaits you.



718-319, Gesashi, Higashi-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa 905-1205, Japan


Landmark: Matayoshi Coffee Farm

Plus code: J47R+78 Higashimura, Okinawa

*Please come from the entrance of Matayoshi Coffee Farm and proceed through the garden; the directions on Google Map will mislead you to the road one street further back.

About 2 hours from Naha Airport via the Kyoda IC of Okinawa Expressway

送迎、バス アイコン.jpg
Please feel free to contact us.
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